Logic just released a new track on his Soundcloud. The song – titled “Roll Call” has racked up over 35,000 plays in the eight hours it has been online.  XXL Magazine, Illroots, The Source, and Logic’s new label – Def Jam Records – have all spread the news of the release.

Logic raps uses a famous beat (this time, Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson”) – something that Young Sinatra is known to do, as evident throughout his string of mixtapes over the past three years. Some other famous beats he has spit over in the past include Milkbone’s “Keep It Real” (The beat behind Big L’s famous freestyle with Jay-Z), Lord Finese’s “Hip 2 da Game”, Biggie’s “Kick In the Door”, among others.

“Roll Call” will be featured on Logic’s newest Mixtape Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forver, which is set to drop on May 7 [Source].