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“Oh Sheit”!!!, I wasn’t cursing. I was quoting the new Thundercat track, doofus. Well kind of new, on second thought. I’m four days late to the punch (maybe I’m the doofus). But I had to throw this up on the blog anyways because it’s awesome and I want the world to hear it. I’ve imbedded Thundercat’s FUNKY new groove below. Party people in the house! Where you at?! This new track will be part of Thundercat’s sophomore album, Apocalypse (which is co-produced by Flying Lotus!!!) Get ouuuta here. Shit’s going to be HOT. I swore that time…



Mac Miller released the 2nd single yesterday off his upcoming album Watching Movies with the Sound Off. The new cut is called “Watching Movies” and is produced by Mac under the pseudonym Larry Fisherman. “S.D.S.” is better because of the production (Flying Lotus vs. Larry Fisherman? No-brainer). This song is alright. I’m not really a fan. However, I’m anxious for this album to drop because Pharrell produces a track on it, and Action Bronson and Tyler the Creator come on as guests. Can’t wait.


Logic just released a new track on his Soundcloud. The song – titled “Roll Call” has racked up over 35,000 plays in the eight hours it has been online.  XXL Magazine, Illroots, The Source, and Logic’s new label – Def Jam Records – have all spread the news of the release.

Logic raps uses a famous beat (this time, Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson”) – something that Young Sinatra is known to do, as evident throughout his string of mixtapes over the past three years. Some other famous beats he has spit over in the past include Milkbone’s “Keep It Real” (The beat behind Big L’s famous freestyle with Jay-Z), Lord Finese’s “Hip 2 da Game”, Biggie’s “Kick In the Door”, among others.

“Roll Call” will be featured on Logic’s newest Mixtape Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forver, which is set to drop on May 7 [Source].

Macklemore is DOING IT!

He was already beginning to see success with songs, “Irish Celebration” “Otherside” and “Wings.” But he hit another level when he dropped singles “Thrift Shop” and “Same Love.” Since those releases, Mack’s career has elevated to mainstream status. He’s been on countless talk shows, sold out countless shows, and topped charts all over the world. The best part is that he’s doing it in the most genuine, humble way – which is a nice change for mainstream music.

I remember when he was playing at 800-person venues and touring in a van.  Since I’ve been listening, I’ve really believed in this guy. And while I’ve been annoyed by the overplaying of “Thrift Shop,” I’m still happy to see how much recognition Macklemore has received. He really deserves it.

Here’s his latest music video, for the song, “Can’t Hold Us” and I was really impressed. I think it’s his best music video so far – There scenery is beautiful, they filmed in a plethora of locations, the shots are on point, and they tweaked the music a little bit, giving it a little extra flavor. Overall great production.

…It’s also nice to hear something other than “Thrift Shop” from Mack, no offense to that song…

You read the headline correctly. Madlib’s alter-ego Quasimoto is making a comeback. Not much information out there, but I figured I would spread the news anyway. The new project was announced on Quasimoto’s Facebook page (see snapshot below). The new release will be called Yessir Whatever, which comes eight years after the 2005 album The Further Adventures of Lord Quas. Madlib’s other album under the Quasimoto pseudonym was The Unseen, which dropped in 2000. I can’t wait to see what Lord Quas has been brewing in the past eight years. Stay tuned for updates.


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Three legendary hip-hop producers will be speaking about the, “Music of Hiphop,” according to the The event will be held Harvard University’s Memorial Church, and the event begins at 5pm with doors opening at 4:30.

Pete Rock and Dj Premier are widely regarded as two of the best hip-hop producers of all time. Both producers contributed to one of the best hip-hop albums of all time, Nas’ Illmatic.

Besides Illmatic, Pete is mostly known as half of the duo Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth and his instrumental album, Petestrumentals. But Pete has also collaborated with Smif-N-Wessun, ini, and Boston native, Edo G. Dj Premier is most known as the producer for the duo, Gangstarr from 1989-2003. Both Pete and Premier have collaborated with many other artists, which would be unnecessary to list here.

9th Wonder has been in the game since the late 90s. Premo, Pete Rock, and the deceased J dilla are some of his influences. The grammy-winning producer (from production on Mary J. Blige’s album, The Breakthrough) has worked with a ton of artists such as Erykah Badu, Drake, Murs, Mac Miller, Wale and many more.

For more information on the Harvard event, visit

Jermaine Cole, known as rapper J.Cole has announced the release date [June 25th] of his new album is via Twitter.  The album, titled Born Sinner is the second studio album released by the 28 year-old rapper. He also has three mixtapes on his resume, and also some productions under his belt.


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I woke up this morning, and as usual opened the Macbook., then Facebook, then Grantland, reddit, the New York Times. Then Twitter – and caught something on my feed:

Cam to 9th


Being a fan of both artists, I had to open up that conversation. 9th Wonder eventually tweeted:

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.10.37 PM

Happy Thursday everybody! I know mine will be, thanks to these two hip hoppers striking up twitter conversations. This is great.

You have an up-and-coming rapper, Cam Meekins, potentially pairing up with a top-notch producer. If they collaborate it won’t disappoint.

Meekins is a Massachusetts native who’s been rapping since high school. He has a couple of albums and mixtapes ( ‘:) :/ : (‘ being his most recent), but also has a string of youtube videos that have really helped boost his notoriety.

I caught onto him shortly after he started working with Matty Trump – who I knew about through Sam Adams. But unlike Sammy, Cam Meekins is more of a hip-hop guy. Dude can rap, and he’s creative with it (I’ll post some youtube videos at the bottom). And if he is getting props from 9th Wonder (who, in another tweet referred to Cam as “#dope”) then you have your credibility right there.

9th Wonder is a veteran producer out of North Carolina. He has quite the impressive resume, including work with Pete Rock, Buckshot, David Banner, Murs, and Erykah Badu. 9th is as smooth on the beat as any producer doing it right now (check the videos at the bottom). His style reminds me a lot of Dilla. He has a plethora of collaborations under his belt, and Cam would be a great addition. Both are creative in their respective arts (rapper/producer). I’m excited if this happens. I hope the two follow through.

Nasir Jones, better known as rapper ‘Nas’ has tweeted that he will announce the title of a new album next month.

This will be the 11th solo studio album from the Queensbridge native. His ’94 album, Illmatic, of course, is regarded as one of the best albums of all time. His most recent project was Life Is Good, released in July 2012. Life Is Good was compared to Marvin Gaye’s 1978 album Here My Dear, as both works detailed their respective failed marriages, and subsequent divorces. Life Is Good was widely regarded as a success. It sold 149,000 copies in the first week, and has sold nearly 350,000 to date.

This new album (or at least the announcement of it) from Nas comes less than a year after Life Is Good, and will undoubtedly gain humongous attention from the hip hop community. I cannot wait for more details regarding this album. Stay tuned for any updates.

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