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Along the way I lost faith in Portland’s hip-hop. Too many people in my scene stumble off the beat and path of rapping for purpose, or making music because they love it. Instead, they get lost in the thought of fame, attention and money. You know, the stereotypical ‘bad rap’ evaluation: lazy rhymes where the only consistency seems to lie in the subjects: cars, bitches, and money. For most kids I’ve heard around the Portland area, it seems that hip-hop is more of a shortcut to fame than it is an art form.

Seamus Kilbride, AKA Kila, restored my faith. The 19-year old rapper, currently situated in the Bronx, released his debut Mixtape, 93 Til this past week. The sense throughout the 19 tracks is that Kila doesn’t care about the status – but rather he is rapping because….. he loves to rap. That’s refreshing.

93 Til is raw hip-hop; no gimmicks or catchy hooks. Kila speaks with passion, soul, and relief. With 19 tracks, it seems like the young MC has been working diligently while waiting for the right time to drop his content. 93 Til is the result of such patience. Instead of pumping out multiple, mediocre mixtapes, he waited until he mastered his delivery. By no means is it a perfect project, but it’s a strong debut.

Every song was packed with energy. Kila reeled off line after line. The rhymes seemed infinite. Kila used beats from 9th Wonder, Dilla, & Doom amongst other lesser-known producers. Nearly every track featured a different producer. Check out all the tracks I posted, then go download his tape if you like it. Kila – 93 Til – Mixtape Download








My favorites that aren’t on here: “A Glimmer” & “Look of Love”. Go check ’em out.



Three legendary hip-hop producers will be speaking about the, “Music of Hiphop,” according to the The event will be held Harvard University’s Memorial Church, and the event begins at 5pm with doors opening at 4:30.

Pete Rock and Dj Premier are widely regarded as two of the best hip-hop producers of all time. Both producers contributed to one of the best hip-hop albums of all time, Nas’ Illmatic.

Besides Illmatic, Pete is mostly known as half of the duo Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth and his instrumental album, Petestrumentals. But Pete has also collaborated with Smif-N-Wessun, ini, and Boston native, Edo G. Dj Premier is most known as the producer for the duo, Gangstarr from 1989-2003. Both Pete and Premier have collaborated with many other artists, which would be unnecessary to list here.

9th Wonder has been in the game since the late 90s. Premo, Pete Rock, and the deceased J dilla are some of his influences. The grammy-winning producer (from production on Mary J. Blige’s album, The Breakthrough) has worked with a ton of artists such as Erykah Badu, Drake, Murs, Mac Miller, Wale and many more.

For more information on the Harvard event, visit

I woke up this morning, and as usual opened the Macbook., then Facebook, then Grantland, reddit, the New York Times. Then Twitter – and caught something on my feed:

Cam to 9th


Being a fan of both artists, I had to open up that conversation. 9th Wonder eventually tweeted:

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.10.37 PM

Happy Thursday everybody! I know mine will be, thanks to these two hip hoppers striking up twitter conversations. This is great.

You have an up-and-coming rapper, Cam Meekins, potentially pairing up with a top-notch producer. If they collaborate it won’t disappoint.

Meekins is a Massachusetts native who’s been rapping since high school. He has a couple of albums and mixtapes ( ‘:) :/ : (‘ being his most recent), but also has a string of youtube videos that have really helped boost his notoriety.

I caught onto him shortly after he started working with Matty Trump – who I knew about through Sam Adams. But unlike Sammy, Cam Meekins is more of a hip-hop guy. Dude can rap, and he’s creative with it (I’ll post some youtube videos at the bottom). And if he is getting props from 9th Wonder (who, in another tweet referred to Cam as “#dope”) then you have your credibility right there.

9th Wonder is a veteran producer out of North Carolina. He has quite the impressive resume, including work with Pete Rock, Buckshot, David Banner, Murs, and Erykah Badu. 9th is as smooth on the beat as any producer doing it right now (check the videos at the bottom). His style reminds me a lot of Dilla. He has a plethora of collaborations under his belt, and Cam would be a great addition. Both are creative in their respective arts (rapper/producer). I’m excited if this happens. I hope the two follow through.