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“Oh Sheit”!!!, I wasn’t cursing. I was quoting the new Thundercat track, doofus. Well kind of new, on second thought. I’m four days late to the punch (maybe I’m the doofus). But I had to throw this up on the blog anyways because it’s awesome and I want the world to hear it. I’ve imbedded Thundercat’s FUNKY new groove below. Party people in the house! Where you at?! This new track will be part of Thundercat’s sophomore album, Apocalypse (which is co-produced by Flying Lotus!!!) Get ouuuta here. Shit’s going to be HOT. I swore that time…



Mac Miller released the 2nd single yesterday off his upcoming album Watching Movies with the Sound Off. The new cut is called “Watching Movies” and is produced by Mac under the pseudonym Larry Fisherman. “S.D.S.” is better because of the production (Flying Lotus vs. Larry Fisherman? No-brainer). This song is alright. I’m not really a fan. However, I’m anxious for this album to drop because Pharrell produces a track on it, and Action Bronson and Tyler the Creator come on as guests. Can’t wait.


I’m not the biggest Mac Miller fan. Lately, I haven’t been into his music at all. I liked his KIDS and Best Day Ever mixtapes simply because they were fun, positive, enthusiastic – and as a teenager in high school, I could relate to a lot of it. As I’ve grown out of high school, and since Mac Miller has progressed in his career, I’ve lost touch with his music. I respect his hustle, his persistence with rap, and his knowledge of hip-hop, but I don’t get excited about his music like I used to. I like that he’s experimented with music – along with rapping he’s been producing, and has put out a jazz EP under the pseudonym Larry Lovestein. He’s bold, and I respect that. But in terms of rapping, he’s nothing more than mediocre.

With that said, yesterday he dropped the music video for a track he made with the production of Flying Lotus. YES. Finally something I really enjoy from Mac Miller lately. The video is strange, weird, creative, humorous, sarcastic. There’s always something you can appreciate in an artist. I’m exercising that thought. Mac Miller will always annoy me in some way, but I do respect him.