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This week is for the Mary Jane fans. Here’s a list from my itunes library of the most appropriate hip-hop songs for smoking the ganj. Stoners: keep it safe, keep it real, and keep it lit. Enjoy.

If you haven’t heard it before, listen to this first on a sunny day. You’ll thank me later for the memory.



The background vocals and beat sell this track as a smoking song.



Everyone’s heard this classic…




Smooth groove from Schoolboy Q. “Just got 20 dollars, gettin’ blazed tonight.”










That bassline. Get ouuutta here…



Another P.U.T.S. classic…








Finals week has almost pushed Mixtape Monday off the to-do list. I’ve been busier than ever, but didn’t want to disappoint and not come through with some tracks this week. With just over an hour before Tuesday hits, I’m running it close. It wasn’t pretty, but I’ve managed to find enough time to gather some music for you. Not much description given the circumstances, but sometimes it’s best just to let the music do the talking. Enjoy.


One of my favorite Macklemore songs.



Funny, clever song…



Huge fan of the Blue Scholars. Intricate rhymes, awesome flow and conscious lyrics over smooth beats. Saw them live at Paradise Rock Club in Boston. Ill show. (The next song is from Sol, who opened the show for them).




Another awesome underground duo. Rapper RA Scion has an ILL flow, and unique voice. And Sabzi, who is on the production for Common Market is also the producer for the Blue Scholars. Small world.